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"Chuck is one of my favorite go-to illustrators. His work is extremely detailed-oriented and precise, well-drawn and tight as a drum. Yet it's filled with humor and whimsy, perfect for so many of our features in High Five.
I can always count on Chuck to provide great work that drops right into place seamlessly. He's also got a refreshingly professional attitude, and cares deeply about providing the best possible results."

~Kelley Cunningham
  Art Director, Highlights High Five

“In the last 15 years, Chuck has created countless illustrations for use in our research projects and in SentenceShaper, a software program for people with language disabilities. His work is visually appealing and incorporates a wonderful, dry sense of humor that makes it appropriate for both adults and children. He is very easy to work with, never takes offense at requests for revisions, and is willing to keep working on a piece until it fits our needs. He is creative and flexible, and is always willing to tackle odd requests (e.g., "dog hoping that the sweater will be too small"). He is always on schedule and is easy to reach by email. It has been a pleasure working with him in the past and I hope to do so again in the future."

~Marcia Linebarger
  Director, Psycholinguistic Technologies

"If you were my Dad I would never want to grow up.”

~Lorrie Braddock
  Pastor, Crossroads Assembly of God

“We hired Chuck to provide some illustrations for a scientific project. His task was to translate written sentences about daily events into clear, instantly-understandable cartoon-like sequences of drawings. He had an incredible grasp of the elements of the drawings required to unambiguously transmit meaning to the viewer: there is absolutely no doubt about what's going on in each picture. Aside from that, the drawings are truly charming. The price was fair and his communication was great. A pleasure all around. “

~Laurel Buxbaum
Senior Scientist, Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute


"Chuck Dillon is a pretty cool guy.”

~Noah Cousineau