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Family or Group Cartoon

Family or Group Cartoon

from 150.00

Chuck will draw your family or group on top of each others shoulders (as shown) or just standing around looking happy. Limit 4 people per illustration. Each additional person is $25, including pets. Chuck will need at least three clear head-shots of each person that will be in the illustration. No background or scenery except for some texture (as shown). Text can be added at no additional charge. A deposit of half the total is required before the start of the project. Please allow 2 weeks for the entire process.

After a quick idea session with Chuck he will send you a sketch for your approval. When approved, Chuck will create the final art and send you a high resolution file to be printed at the printer of your choosing as well as a low resolution file to share on social media. Original black line art may be purchased but must be arranged before hand.

Final art will be proportionate to 18x24 inches, which is suitable for a standard store-bought frame.

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