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One Week : Four Cities, Central Europe

One Week : Four Cities, Central Europe


In October of 2014 Chuck joined his wife, Daisy,  on her week-long business trip to Basel, Switzerland. While Daisy worked during the day Chuck explored the cities of Basel, Strasbourg, and Freiburg im Breisgau. By week's end, they visited Lucerne together.

This is the sketchbook journal Chuck drew during that week as well as some additional material that help fill in the gaps and some extras just for fun.
The point of this sketchbook for Chuck was to remember more clearly, share a laugh and, hopefully, pique your curiosity about this small part of our world.

Join Chuck. Let’s explore four cities.

Be sure to chuck out the over-the-top BOOK TRAILER below.

8 x 5.5" 105 pages, signed by the cartoonist. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery within the continental US. PLEASE allow for longer delivery time for International orders.

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